Feeling a woman. A perception of her through philosophical and religious systems of the world. Mysterious power which frightens and attracts at the same time. Hated by some, sinful, arousing fear. Idolized and crowned by others. This is the numinosum experience of Rudolf Otto – a contact with a woman as a divinity.

                 The cycle of five paintings is the inscription of an internal experience; contacting and meeting with one’s own mythical, divine femininity.
A journey deep inside of the unconsciousness full of archetypes and symbols on the way of transformation.

The goddess, like a star evolution (as in the names of the paintings below), collapses in herself (COLLAPSE Thunder Perfect Mind) and begins an alchemical combustion process with it (TRANSMUTATION). This transformation is a painful and dark experience (DOUBLE PULSAR), but you can cross the event horizon thanks to it (Sgr A*) – a point of no return. After crossing this point the death of the star will happen.
The end, which has in itself the beginning. A birth of a new life, divine being (SINGULARITY).



technique: own technique, printed on Hahnemuhle archival paper
dimensions: 100 x 70 x 5 cm. 
frame: waxed oak frame, glass 
edition: limited with certificate

If you are interested in the paintings and the story behind them is curious for you I invite you to cooperate.
Thinking about your own portrait in costumes designed by me?
Or maybe you want to make a unique gift for a loved one?

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